Iluminage touch hair removal device

Iluminage touch hair removal device

Iluminage is the brand of Unilever and Sinonon, using elos technology.

Syneron is the world’s largest provider of medical cosmetic equipment, manufacturing a range of products and services based on elos technology.

The illuminated touch epilator uses elos technology to creatively combine optoelectronic synergies with bipolar RF and light energy. By reducing light energy, you reduce the risk of blisters, scars, and burns on the epidermis. â–Ľ

The Iluminage touch hair removal device is CE certified by the US FDA and the European Union. It is sold in both the US and European markets. It is completely ok and safe for human safety.

But when you do your homework, you will also see the difference between the English version of the US version. The main difference is actually the difference in the number of flashes of the bald head. The US version is 120,000 times, and the English version is 300,000 times, which is equivalent to the English version. The service life is about 3 times that of the US version.

The English version of 300,000 flashing bald heads, you can also buy 300,000 flash replacement heads after use, usually 300,000 times can be enough for one person to use for about 5 years, plus the replacement head is not exaggerated to say that the whole family of one machine Enough, you can share it with your mom or sister girlfriend.

Let me introduce the English version below. The body is small, the weight of a portable notebook. The hand-held hair removal handle on the body is very light and compact, so it doesn’t feel tired to use.

The bottom of the instrument shows the opening key; the light intensity of the middle elos is 1-3 files. In the beginning, I was a little scared. I used the 1st gear. Later, I went straight to the 3rd gear. I believe that I am not hurting at all. I only feel that It’s a bit hot, but it doesn’t hurt at all. I don’t feel any irritating burning discomfort.

The way the hand grip handles when it is first opened is directly the light outlet for the body.

The body uses a light outlet is 3.3cm2, 300,000 times of flash. If you use the whole body, the initial frequency of use and the subsequent maintenance and stabilization process can be used for 5 years. It is completely enough for one person to use. If you want to use the whole family, you can also buy a replacement head to extend the service life.

The British version has a facial head, which is actually an occlusion piece that looks inconspicuous, but it is very necessary! Switching between the body head and the face is the process of replacing the cover, and the flash head inside will not change. Switching is easy, just push it out slightly and then switch to another one.

The difference between the body head and the face head: the body head does not block the flash outlet, the flash area is about 3.3cm2, which can be used for underarms, limbs, back and so on. The face is equivalent to blocking the flash exit of about half, and the flash area is about 2cm2, which can be used for facial lips and underarms.

Don’t underestimate this small facial head (facial cover), the smaller the area can be used in the lip circumference and bikini line, if not, it is really inconvenient. Therefore, it is seriously recommended that you buy the English version and do not buy the US version.

The English version also sent a shaver insert. But at first glance, I can’t bear the pain. I have never used it once, and I feel pain when I look at it. Every time I still shave my hair with a razor, the razor is the jewel VENUS razor from Amway, which is very clean.

The blackout goggles are also delivered, so be sure to wear them! Because there will be strong light every time you use it, it will be more glaring, and it can protect your eyes from the glare. It is the comfort of this eye mask is not very good.

The Iluminage touch is all skin tones and all hair colors are available. Some of the previous laser or color hair removal devices did not work well for dark skin, but Iluminage did not have to worry about it, and the blacks could use it.

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